Author - Laurie Jay

VOTE VOTE VOTE Early if possible

I voted on Monday.  I sent out emails to good friends encouraging them to vote this week.  I know the candidate I and the State & Local NTAG support for Mayor of McKinney, George Fuller, needs the momentum of early voting in order to beat his opponents.  So, please vote early, vote today if possible, and please vote for George Fuller so McKinney can move forward.

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Election Plan & Guide from our State & Local NTAG

10 TO WIN! Local election winners are not just area winners of small-town political contests … instead, these winners show us where our country is headed. November 2016 was an ugly wake-up call for many of us. Local elections are where we need to start if we want to make a change. That’s why we’re all part of NTAG.   As a start, our NTAG subgroup, State & Local Elections, has compiled a list of candidates to support. We’ve also put together [...]

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