Author - Patty Merritt

NTAG Quarterly Meeting August 20, 3:00-4:30, John & Judy Gay Library

Please come to the quarterly meeting—we will be discussing actions we can take as Collin County citizens now to prepare for the November 2018 elections. We will also share details from the Environmental NTAG’s meeting with George Fuller, McKinney Mayor. Follow us on Facebook: North Texas Action Group Collin County. Finally invite your friends and neighbors!  

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Questions Left Unanswered at Ted Cruz Appearance in McKinney

Recently, several of our progressive friends braved the Conservative Bubble to attend an appearance headlined by Senator Ted Cruz. TV, radio and print news were also in attendance. Held at the Sheraton McKinney, the event was kept small and tickets were only available online for a very short time. Most of the room (estimated to be about 200 chairs with maybe one quarter of them empty) seemed to be supportive of the senator. Lots of event staff members sprinkled [...]

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Want to #resistcruz ? Here's Your Chance!

If you’d like to meet Ted Cruz and let him know your opinions as a proud Texas citizen, here’s your chance: Ted Cruz Town Hall in McKinney, TX July 5 Sheraton McKinney 1900 Gateway Blvd, McKinney, Texas 75070, 6:00-7:00pm. Event details can be found here.

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Hope for Collin County Moderates in Upcoming Elections

The recent local elections demonstrated that there is hope for moderate candidates in Collin County, and this NYT article mentions more hope ahead in November 2018! Check out the mention of “Dallas suburbs” below: The 15 Best-Educated Districts in the U.S., and Why It Matters in the Georgia Race “But even if he loses, Mr. Ossoff’s strong performance has already demonstrated that Republicans in well-educated but traditionally conservative areas now shoulder the burden of Mr. Trump’s weak performance. It suggests that [...]

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March On, Texas!

This is an informative email about the upcoming local elections from March On, Texas:   Hello, Marchers! Boy are we excited and here’s why: Illinois just made history by unseating a whole lot of Republicans in local elections and March On! Texas believes Texas can do that too – with your help. Progressive grassroots energy is bursting and we want all that directed towards getting good candidates elected. Marching Orders: April 16 – April 22, 2017 1. Find Your Candidate! Here’s a map of the [...]

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