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From the State & Local Elections NTAG

We hope you are feeling encouraged by the election results Saturday.  These results showed real momentum, especially in McKinney, where George Fuller (a candidate for mayor not backed by the Tea Party but backed by Democrats and Independents) did not just win, he won by a landslide. This outcome was unexpected and shows a real desire for change.

But we are not done. Several progressive candidates (those who are relying on small, individual donations and who have taken a stand against the Tea Party) have a real shot at victory in the run-off.  But here is the deal with run offs … almost nobody votes except the Tea Party types, who are a group of dedicated voters. So the winners in the upcoming contests will truly be those who excel at turning out their voters.  Reaching voters is done one person at a time, convincing them to get to the polls. The people who show up on their own largely know who they are going vote for (like most of us).  The trick is to multiply that influence by dragging other voters to the polls with us.

Candidates must do the following things:

  1. Have some idea of how many votes they need to win based on prior elections
  2. Have a list of voters that matches this number
  3. Have a plan (& volunteers!) to get there

They will not be successful without lots of volunteers. We know you're tired after the long slog of the local elections (we are too!), but you have to take the next step to be successful. We can't let the Tea Party win the run offs or they'll know they can outlast us. So please take a look at the run off candidates below and support them by:

1) your donations (they have to reprint brochures, re-do signs and get new voter lists)

2) your time (calling and block-walking contacts voters, especially in low-voter precincts)

3) your contacts (post on social media, talk to your friends, and send out emails.) We were COMPLETELY taken aback by how many of our friends did not vote in this last election, even after a “reminder” email. We're going to have to bug them. It's uncomfortable, but it's worth it.

Here are our choices in the run offs:


City Council Place 2:  Tabbasum Ahmad


McKinney Run Offs

District 1:  La'Shadion Shemwell

District 3:  Margaret Harsch

At-Large:  Charlie Phillips



City Council Place 3:  Elizabeth Abraham



City Council Place 8:  David Downs

City Council Place 2:  Ann Bacchus

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