Although we are all in different places on the political spectrum and we each hold unique values and ideologies, the State & Local NTAG offered this list of what progressives support as a reference. Some of these agenda items are likely more important to you than others, and you may even disagree with one or two. However, if you agree with the majority of the content of this blog, you are likely a “progressive.”

A Progressive may be defined as one who is forward thinking as s/he engages with the world as s/he finds it; one who is looking to improve living conditions through innovation and reform in a sensible and practical way, building on what is already in place; and, one who values the opinions of experts and academics of the day to help guide complicated decisions.  A Progressive seeks to protect and advance the interests of the marginalized.

The definition of the word progressive is, “favoring or implementing social reform or new, liberal ideas.”  Specifically, a Progressive may support:

  • Expanding access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare
  • Taking bold action on climate change, protecting our natural resources, and understanding that, in doing so, we strengthen our national security, our resilience and overall public health and wellness
  • Addressing criminal justice reform
  • Increasing the federal minimum wage
  • Passing sensible, humane immigration reform
  • Abolishing the death penalty
  • Ending corporate tax loopholes
  • Banning private prisons
  • Expanding social security
  • Breaking up too-big-to-fail financial institutions
  • Increasing access to education, including tuition-free options for public colleges
  • Pursuing technology improvements through science, research, and education
  • Guaranteeing rights for everyone in society, including those facing gender discrimination, religious discrimination, and sexual orientation discrimination
  • Fixing our voting system, including gerrymandering, restrictions on voting, and campaign finance abuses
  • Fighting global terrorism
  • Reducing gun violence
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