As many of you know, early voting for the McKinney City Council runoff election is May 30 thru June 6 and Election Day is June 10. Charlie Philips, running for the City Council At-Large position, is in a runoff against Derek Baker. Baker has worked for Mike Pence and supports an extremely conservative agenda. Statistics show that only 25% of “regular” voters will bother to vote in the runoff while 80% of “extremely conservative” voters will vote.

If you are willing to make phone calls on Charlie's behalf, his campaign would appreciate it. Please text his campaign manager Gary at 469-704-2820 to get a list.
Either way — make sure you vote for Charlie! Early voting is May 30 thru June 6. Election Day is June 10.
(The blog administrator is Randy Williams. Patty Merritt, co-leader of NTAGCC, wrote this article.)
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