The recent local elections demonstrated that there is hope for moderate candidates in Collin County, and this NYT article mentions more hope ahead in November 2018! Check out the mention of “Dallas suburbs” below:

The 15 Best-Educated Districts in the U.S., and Why It Matters in the Georgia Race

“But even if he loses, Mr. Ossoff’s strong performance has already demonstrated that Republicans in well-educated but traditionally conservative areas now shoulder the burden of Mr. Trump’s weak performance. It suggests that previously safe Republican incumbents in Orange County, Calif., or the suburbs of Dallas and Houston could face serious challenges next November. And most important, a close race in Georgia’s Sixth suggests that control of the House is in play, regardless of which candidate comes out on top.”

Stay informed, stay engaged … and most importantly, get ready for some hard work to elect candidates that more closely align with a moderate or progressive agenda as we get closer to the November 2018 elections!

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