One of NTAG’s most active and devoted Elections Action Group members, Richard Jernigan, who deserves credit for leading on creating both the primary and mid-term voting guides, has submitted the following regarding our coming Jan. 20th meeting:

The 2018 mid-term elections yielded multiple positives for moderate-to-progressive politics. The Democrats achieved a majority in the House, including the largest number of women and minority representatives ever elected in US history.

In Texas we saw 13 Democrats go to state and national office—2 of those were flipped seats—for the first time in decades. In North Texas, we were proud to see Colin Allred go to the US Congress. In short, we gained incredible momentum!

Many of you got involved in the democratic process: making phone calls, knocking on doors, offering donations, showing up at rallies and making many, many other contributions of time, talent, and treasure.

Let’s build on that momentum!

The North Texas Action Group is composed of dedicated citizens who actively participate in critical issues affecting all of us including:

  • Conservation and protection of our shared environment
  • Support of public education
  • Accessible, affordable health care for all
  • Ensuring voting rights and eliminating gerrymandering
  • Effective gun control legislation
  • Compassionate, effective immigration practice and policy
  • Support and equality for LGBTQ citizens
  • Support and election of moderate-to-progressive candidates

With the 2018 election behind us, let’s get together Sunday, January 20 and forge The Way Forward.

Sunday, January 20, we’re bringing in three 2018 campaign veterans: Lorie Burch, Julie Luton, and Christian Baum. They will share what they learned from their campaigns and the election process and how we can focus our efforts to continue building a moderate-to-progressive culture in North Texas and make changes that benefit all Texans.

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